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Band - Craigslist - Wah Rant/Story


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So I screwed up by selling a wah thinking a new modeller would cover it....musical lesson 343320..don't give up working gear until you know new gear will suffice..

So I call a guy, who wants me to head over to his band practice, to check out the wah..he says hes a pedal builder, the wah is new....

So I drive across town, up to a shack, in a storage facility...where you have a bunch of 420 friendly guys playing under a 60 watt light bulb. As a conversation starter I ask about their power set up, noticing the Super Reverbs(or band masters..didn't get a good look)...they said it sucked...so I get moving on the wah, and it wouldn't switch, the guy telling me to step on it harder...yeah the switch is broken...so again, new is used, mint is broken, and the whole time, he's got the Quad Reverb or whater dimed, and I tell him to turn it down. With he volume pedal pulled back it was so stupid loud It wasn't musical.

So here is a great example of local pro musicians, pedal builder, not checking his gear first, playing in a shack, to lousy power, too loud, and I mean the whole scene was like...'what a waste of my time..

More commentary then a point, but it's just 'scene' around here that is so stumble tarded, and this is just so typical of the sort around here come off as musicians.

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