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Doe anyone make suitcase style LED lights yet? I used to have some Peavey Illuminatir rig that was perfect. Clipped together, self contained. Did 5 years worth of DJ work with them.



Chauvet 4 Bar, but IMO, you can get a better rig for less (or about the same) money by doing what Potts did; i.e. putting a few single lights together.


I have both bars and par type fixtures. I prefer the par type LEDs over the bars, especially for a small gig. You can put the light exactly where it's needed. The bars are fine for backlighting, though.


Your rig looks really nice, Potts. The amber pars will perfect it. Bastard Amber is the gel color most pros recommend for face lighting. The white is just too much for face lighting on most people.


Keep up the good work!

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