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Yeah. I think I'm going to like North Carolina!


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We're moving up there around late April/early May, as my M-I-L is getting to need a little help, so I've been contacting venues and agencies in the area to try to hustle up some gigs. One venue contacted me a few weeks ago to see if I could play the 14th, and I accepted it, and moved my already planned home-scouting trip up there to a month sooner.

On the evening of the 14th, an older Jewish gent asked for my card, said he had a small booking agency, and would I mind him video-taping me doing a few songs, which he wanted to show around...I assured him that that would be fine.

This morning he called and asked if I could commit to every Friday night in June, July and August, and, if so, he'd get the contracts in the mail immediately!

Yeah. I think I'm going to like North Carolina!

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