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Lexicon MPX 110

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I just bought one yesterday. I only got a chance to screw around with it for about an hour and a half. The tap tempo thing really pisses me off, so I've decided not to use it for delays. I also found that to get the delays to sound good the mix needs to be low, and for the flange to sound good it needs to be cranked. Since I've been running into issues with not having modulation effects, I guess I'll be using it for those. I really the dig the flange and the rotary sim thing. The chorus sounded pretty good too and I haven't much messed with the reverb yet. Anyone else own one of these? I figured for $65 I couldn't pass it up. Also, anyone have any idea how to program these things? I looked at the manual and I hope to figure it out, but it looks like it could be a pain in the arse.


- Erich


Edit: BTW, check out my post count. :D

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