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Mesa High Gain Amp Switcher--Chrome Face--$320

Sansamp PSA-1 MIDI Preamp--$400--inc box and manual

Rocktron Pro-Q MIDI EQ--$185--inc manual and box

VHT GP-3 Valvualtor Preamp--$850--inc manual and box

Roland SDE3000A Delay---$500

Symetrix 606 Delay---$600

BBE 482 Sonic Maximizer---$85--inc box and manual

CAE 4x4 and Full Space Line Mixer---$1000 (pictures in a prior for sale posting)


This gear is all in GREAT condition. I will email photos to interested parties and hope to post pictures soon. I have perfect ebay feedback and am happy to provide references as needed. Buyers pay postage.

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The Mesa High Gain Amp Switcher. Used by top players like J. Petrucci, Metallica, Peter Frampton, Greenday, MxPx, Offspring, and Sevendust in their rigs. This unit is custom ordered and hand-built in the USA by Mesa Boogie. This one is the sweet Chrome faced version. It allows you to switch between or combine up to 4 Amplifiers or Preamps....quietly! All 4 loops are buffered with Iso-Transformers. It is controlled by 4 'short to ground' jacks on the backside. You can see the jacks in the pics. Please note that you can control this unit via MIDI with the CAE 4x4 that I am also selling, and that that the Mesa Triaxis also has 4 function jacks that can control this unit via MIDI as well.


It is cool to note that multiple loops/amps can be active at the SAME TIME. I don't know of any other unit that allows for that.


The unit is in Excellent condition and at a great price. Please note that the face is very very clean (well...some fingerprints), but the chrome and the flash on the camera did not mix well. All the same, you can see the great condition.



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Here is the CAE or Custom Audio Electronics Switching/Mixing system. CAE 4x4 and Dual Stereo Line Mixer. Both units are in awesome condition as you will see from the photos. Virtually no wear around the mounting holes at all.


This 4x4 is the newer all aluminum chassis. 4 Loops, 4 control functions, and a buffered input on the front. This is the all aluminum version which is lighter than the old version and has no black paint to peel or scrape so it stays looking pristine. This one has W1 on, and responds to CC's 31-38. Excellent condition. Can be used with components at instrument or line level (meaning can be used with pedals or 19" rack gear). Comes with original manual and original power supply.


This Dual/Stereo Line Mixer is the very rare full rack version that is no made any longer. No matter if your rig is big or small this unit is incredibly flexible and built to scale with your needs. The unit has 2 mixers built in to allow for both series and parallel routing (at the same time). Mixer 1 has 5 stereo inputs, 2 Sets of stereo outs, and the infamous L and R EXP outs (if you don't know go read the mixer article that Gluke From the HRI board wrote http://www.tubefreak.com/mixers.htm ). ). Mixer 2 also has 5 stereo in's and a pair of stereo outs. This kick ass unit is rare, no longer made, and very hard to come by. Comes with original power supply.


Warning...if you read that article posted above, you WILL WANT TO BUY THIS SYSTEM!!




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