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  1. ive been playing for 11 years, own a mesa tripple rectifier, two marshall 4x12s, 3 parker flys, ESP horizons, tons of pedals. this amp would have enhanced my range of sounds in a nice way. i could have switched between cabs with the channels, but like i said, the crap reverb sound and switching killed it for me. if youre going to do something, do it right. the reverb seems tacked-on and half-assed. but if boogie ever made ANOTHER version with THICK (im talking fender/surf-level) reverb, id pretty much be sold. but right now the moderately attractive ability to have 4 channels is the only thing it has going for it, and thats just not enough for me to sell my hard-to-find chrome chassis rectifier AND shell out 2500 for a new one, or TRY to find an older one and hope it doesnt have the fuse blowing problem.
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