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  1. That G is way too complicated. Gotta do that lazy-assed Rock G. Grab the low E with your thumb, and mute the A string with it, too. Index finger does the high E. You gotta takes as many shortcuts as possible in life. This is one of them.
  2. Learning to care again. "Maybe this new guitar will get me playing!" If I do play more, I'll probably just play ancient Metallica riffs, or write my own stuff like I normally did. I would definitely do the latter over the former once I swap out the strings, de-tune, and set up the guitar. I don't know anyone else's music out of a standard E tuning.
  3. Clearly stolen from this... [video=youtube;Sa0EtdtPi8w]
  4. Yeah, it's definitely not for everybody. Polarizing looks, too. I kinda fell in love with the piezo bridge, too. I wanted to try one of the MIDI equipped ones, but have never gotten around to it.
  5. I move around a lot when performing. Nice to have a light guitar. I've ripped the strap button screws from Ibanez guitars with the pointy horns. I had to glue in hardwood dowels and use 2" stainless screws.
  6. Wait... is this the "if you could only have one" guitar, or "what would be your next" guitar? Only one guitar? Probably a Parker Fly. Next guitar? Interested in the Music Man St. Vincent with 3 mini humbuckers. I remember those EBMM necks feeling fat and frets feeling short, however. But I haven't played one in like 15 years.
  7. My main guitars are some hard to find early 90s deals. I sold one of two in the early 2000s and wanted to replace it 6-7 years later. I finally found one, bought it, had it delivered. Two weeks later I found MY OLD GUITAR for sale. I bought it back from the guy I sold it to. Now I had three. A friend had a fourth and sold it. I wish I had bought it. Pissed that I didn't.
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