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EQ too short to search, so.....

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I have an EQ question. Heres my signal chain..

Soloist > MP-1 > 2 outs of MP-1 into the low inputs of a 77' JMP 50 watt nonmaster. I also have a JCM 800 2204 with an added FX loop but I just prefer the JMP. I've got a Rane PE17 5 band Para coming. Can or should I run it in the loop of the MP-1, in front of the MP-1 or between the MP-1 and the Marshall? The Rane is single channel so if I run it after the MP-1, I can split that with an AB/Y box to get into both channels of the JMP. Why do I want both channels on the JMP functional? Both being voiced differently, I can easily alter tones with the turn of one knob for on the fly adjustments. Or if I run the AB/Y box I can switch between with a footswitch. But anyhow, where is a good place to drop the Rane unit? Right now there is a multi-verb in the loop. Thanks in advance or sorry for asking stupid assed questions I should just figure out for my dam self!! Rob

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