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  1. Peavey parts dept is unfortunately clueless. The Peavey forum or tech dept is a better way to get info or schems. Jun
  2. How are these units? How's the pitch shift tracking? Jun
  3. Hello Jon, It's been over a week since you posted. I would like your honest take on the magnetic pickup placement, since WE only get to check these out at GC for a few minutes without our own rigs. Maybe with some clips. Jun
  4. T-rock, There have been a couple people comment on the ‘Middle Humbucker” position. The Magnetic pickup is not a "Middle" humbucker. Looking at it at first will give anyone that perception, so I do see where that’s coming from. It SOUNDED like a middle humbucker to me when I tried it at GC. I totally understand the concept of using an insert cable running an electric amp and the piezo DI'ed a PA. My 'distorted acoustic' comment, i should've clarified, was a response to your statement of: However, the humbucker model and placement was very crucial to the overall design of the Hybrid tonally. Not only when its in use by itself, but also blended with the acoustic pickup. If the mag pickup positon was chosen with a 'blend' in mind, as you pointed out, your electric amp definately has to be tweaked every time you use the Hybrid. Jun
  5. If I were to purchase a guitar like the Hybrid I probably wouldn't use a 'blend' of electric and acoustic as much as one or the other. An acoustic with distortion guitar blended seems pointless to me. As BuckyB has pointed out, the Hybrid seems to be geared more towards a rhythm guitarist. Doesn't appeal to someone needing a full palette of electric sounds. It's more of a novelty guitar for only a few songs. Jun
  6. Tried the Hybrid at the San Jose GC this afternoon. Went into the quiet room and listened to the electric sound, since I already liked the acoustic sound from the website. I predict Michael Kelly will come out with either a multi-pickup version or alter the positioning of the existing single humbucker. Sounded excellent but since not many guitars even have a middle humbucker it was hard for me to get used to. I would probably need a special setting on the amp just for this guitar. Jun
  7. trock, I'm hopefully going to try this guitar @ the San Jose GC Sunday. The Knob prototypes were actually harder to control on the fly for every one of our test players. Was this a dual potentiometer that could turn one way for humbucker and the other for piezo? This 'blend knob' idea that Kevman had was the exact thought I had when playing a Brian Moore with dedicated volume knobs for the different pickups. Jun
  8. There have been a few post about 'ethics police', reviewer and who gets paid etc. Posters seem to forget a reviewer has a certain reputation. If he or she keeps praising gear that are POS, they will not get called back. The HC user reviews CAN NOT be trusted either. Many praises or dislikes are obviously people trying to sell that particular gear on Ebay or is 100% slander to promote THEIR product. Mr. Anderton I'm surprised to see you take this much abuse here. IS it worth it? Jun
  9. Wouldn't even pedal like the Ernie Ball stereo/pan pedal have the same problems of mixing an active AND passive signal? Jun
  10. I agree guitarseeker, when I was playing a Brian Moore it was not a quick change. But as Kevman pointed out if the two guitar sounds were on a blend knob, it could be pretty quick. The problem might be finding a dual pot to control a passive electric pickup and an active acoustic pickup. Jun
  11. Stating the obvious once again. Pretty pointless. Jun
  12. Well Mr. ethic police I don't think you were fair in your quote of Jon Chappell. Isn't this guitar just a cheap knock-off of the Taylor T-5? Not at all an original idea? What you wrote: "What is startlingly refreshing is the way Michael Kelly Guitars has designed their Hybrid from the ground up to be a guitar that is equally appealing to both acoustic guitarists and electric axe slingers." One paragraph before your unfair quote from the original post is 'The concept is not new,'. Anyone that plays guitar would know about the Taylor T5. You are just stating the OBVIOUS. All we're pointing out is the "try it first" rule. Stating the obvious once again. Jun
  13. skippydmongoose, Who cares? How often do you get to comment on a piece of gear and have the manufacturer respond. PRS and Brian Moore (probably many others) have been making acoustic/electric hybrids way before the T-5. I personally can't afford $2299 for a T5 so $499 for this guitar is a welcome alternative. Jun
  14. The blend knob idea makes alot of sense but then you have no audio 'off'. Maybe instead of a tone knob it could be an electric volume and a blend knob? I still hope a two electric pickup version comes out w/ three knobs: -electric volume -electric tone -electric/acoustic blend knob -3 way toggle switch for electric, personally I would still mod this with a 4pdt mini switch for parallel/series/single coil This would be an ultimate guitar for me. Jun
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