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Mosvalve 500 problem

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Hey gang


have an issue, i recently bought a Mosvalve 500 solid state power amp that unfortunatly is acting as one big bypass at the moment. I recently blew a fuse in my crate TDP pre amp and so have been running my combo through the power amp to test it out and running it into my behringer quad. I am using guitar calbes for each connection but the mosvalve regardless of if it is turned on or not does not amplify the sound one bit. off i get nothing but the power from the combo and then turned on and again no change.


Does anyone have any idea what the problem might be...this is really starting to give me an unecessary headache that i would much prefer be generated by too much loud distortion.


also i recently blew two fuses for my crate TDP and i am really having trouble tracking down a replacement. i have been told that the resistor is inside the fuse and this is wha tmakes it really rare and had to get. it is apparently a slow blowing fuse but that about exceeds my knowledge.


The marksing on the actual fuse itself say "1/8A 250V 313" (or 3/3 cant quite tell) Does anyone have any idea about this, do i need to us this exact same fuse or can i use another type of slow blow fuse, this is another one of those problems that has been nothing but pain in ass since day one.



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