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Connecting units in two separate racks...


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Does anybody know about connectors that we can use in the back of the rack and connect the cables comming from the other rack to it rather than straight into the units ?


This way once we need to connect the two racks simpy hook the cables from the connector in rack A to the connector in rack B and obviously these connectors are permanently plugged into the units.


I have seem someone using it here, but I don;t know the name or where to get it.


PS: I posted that question in another thread, but I tought it could be quicker to get a response if I start a new one dedicated to this subject.


Many thanks in advance :thu:

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Originally posted by tats_dragon

I believe you want something like this:

with the proper connectors mounted?




Is that essentially a customisable patch panel?


If so, if you put one in both racks, you'll still need a few cables to connect the two up (this would probably still only be a couple of 1/4" patch cables and maybe a Midi patch cable admittedly).


The nearest thing I've seen to this was a homemade multicore system by my mate. He's a computer technician and realised that he could get parallel printer cable with separately shielded cores. By wiring a patch panel to a couple of Centronics ports at either end he built a multicore system for our band using a couple of drum rolls of printer cable at a fraction of the price of a commercial system.

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