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Tips on making a cabinet/rack...

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Building a cabinet for guitar amp heads and rack

I have a rough idea how I want to do this...

But I will ask here for advice anyway..

I am looking at building a cabinet for two guitar heads, and a 12 RU unit.


What sort of material would you use and how would you do it?


(Yes I am aware that there are people in the US who do this sort of thing... but the .au company I found that did never responded to my quote request.. so I will do it myself and have some fun with it!)



The cabinet I am building, will house the two aleady existing heads and also rack rails.

Similiar to the photos you see for some people rigs, this will allow space for my current Hiwatt head, marshall head, and most likely 12 RU.

It will need wheels.

Aluminium edging would be good.

Packing foam will exist between the heads and the actual cabinet.

I was thinking actually more along the lines of:




Hope this makes more sense!

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I've built both a rack and a speaker cabinets. In fact I just finished building my rack the other day. It's not the conventional looking rack but I like it. The rack is made from 3/4" plywood from a local supply store (Lowe's) and Poplar wood to build up the face. The speaker cabinets were made from 5/8" baltic birch plywood and dimensionally equivalent to Marshall cabinets. All joints were done by finger jointing. If you have an specific questions, I can answer them for you. I hope you have the tools to do it, because it would be difficult to do it you don't, or at least the traditional way.



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