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Midi switching help

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whats the cheapest way to midi switch my rig?


it seems the AXXES and Voodoo stuff is really $.



I plan on selling my JMP-1 to fund this, but I also need a midi pedal.


Here's what I'll need to run midi......


Hafler T3

Lexicon Studio 283( pre amp)

2 Lexicon MPX 500s

Pedals are....


Crunch Box





Whats the best way I do this, I'll only get about 450 $ for the JMP-1.




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You got too many pedals for (one) Axess GRX4. So you probably need a RJM device, like the Effects Gizmo of RG-16, or a Voodoo Lab switcher. And a foot controller of course that can control multiple channels and send CCs as well as PCs. A Rocktron Midimate is cheap and can do that.

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