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Mixer advice needed with Wet/Dry/Wet Gigantic Rig

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I'll start by listing all my equipment. I own an old Bradshaw RSB-18 and use it to the max and beyond! In order of loops 1-11 it goes like this:


Guitar Input split 3 ways....one to tuner, one to Hughes & Kettner Zentera Head and the last runs through Dunlop Crybaby Rack Wah then into the input of loop 1 of Bradshaw...then to the loops;

1. EXH soul preacher

2. Hughes & Kettner Tube Factor overdrive pedal

3. MXR EVH phase 90

4. MXR EVH flanger

5. Randall BMF head (feeding a THD hot plate and line out back to Bradshaw) for some thick EL34 hurting classic rock tones

6. Hughes & Kettner Alex Lifeson Triamp MKII

7. Mesa Boogie Rectoverb Single Rectifier

8. Hughes & Kettner Access Preamp (unbelievable smoothest heavy sounds!)

9. Hughes & Kettner Duotone Head

10. Marshall JMP-1 Preamp

Programmable Hush circuit

11. Boss Rack Super Chorus CE-300


once out of the Super chorus the entire signal is fed to a TC Electronics G-Force then the out of that feed the signal is split to feed

1. Mesa 2:90 power and and left and right 4x12 cabs with V30's and G12T-75's in X-pattern.

2. Marshall 9100 50Wx2 into 2 Custom Audio Amplifiers 1x12's for "surround sound"


Couple of notes:

1. The heads drive their own speakers for a dry center channel. I have a H&K 4x12 with Greenbacks split stereo for the Triamp and the Mesa and then ontop of that I have a Budda 2x12 for the duotone.

2. The Zentera Head I mentioned earlier is custom switched (CAE product again :thu:) with the Mesa 2:90 into the stereo 4x12's.

2. All loops on the bradshaw are mono except for loop 11 that one is stereo

3. All loops are set to "serial" now...not parallel...it works great because the entire output of the Bradshaw rig goes through the TC G-Force so delays and reverbs trail off seamlessly...which brings me to my question....


With a Wet/Dry/Wet set up like mine....is it worth it to get an expensive guitar specific rack mixer such as a CAE or Digital Music Corp unit...or can I just get a cheap Behringer PA mixer to let me mix my stereo effects so that I always have a straight signal from my amps/preamps in parallel with the signal that goes through the G-Force (Analog to Digital converter=> Effects => Digital to Analog converter) and then onto the power amps?


Yes I know...I have an addiction....to make things worse...I'm a LEFTY!!! Which means that every awesome guitar I come across I convince my wife it's super rare and then buy it!!!


For those that have stuck with this thread openner....thanks and any answers you can give are greatly appreciated!:thu:

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Ummm...quite a set up there bub....:thu:


Weakest link factor...get a mixer with some good pre's. Even though, you might do o.k. with a cheapie Berhinger or whatever, you also might hear the difference. And then you'd have to sell and re-buy. Judging from the complexity of your rack, you've probably done einough of that! So just get the good stuff....


Lowest I'd go with your rig is a Mackie with the VLZ strips.

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