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Using Shure 520DX Green Bullet and effects on vocals

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I know this topic has been discussed many times and there are many possibilities to get effects on vocals.


What I want to do:

I have been using a Shure 520DX Green Bullet mic for vocals to get that dirty/mid boosted sound and I've been dealing with feedback problem since I got that mic.

I want to get that kind of sound, plus I want to add delay on vocals and MINIMIZE FEEDBACK at high volume.

*Note: I play in a practice room (15'x15') with Guitar, Bass, Drums and Keyboard.


Let's see what I got:


1 x Shure SM-58

1 x Shure 520DX Green Bullet

1 x Shure SM-57


1 x Mixer

1 x 200W powered monitor

1 x Fender Blues DeVille


1 x Boss DD-3 Digital Delay

1 x Graphic EQ


What I used to do:


Vocals -> Shure 520DX -> Direct Box -> Mixer (MIC) -> Monitors


Problem: Can't hear vocals when playing with other instruments without getting feedback.


Possible Solutions:


#1 - Vocals -> SM-58 -> Impedance Matcher -> Effects -> Fender Amp Mixer (MIC) -> Monitors


#2 - Vocals -> SM-58 -> Impedance Matcher -> Effects -> Mixer (LINE) -> Monitors


#3 - Vocals -> SM-58 -> Mixer (MIC) Monitors


#4 - Vocals - 520DX -> Effects -> Fender Amp Mixer (MIC) -> Monitors


*Note: The Green Bullet is omni-directional mic. For this reason I think the SM-58 would reduce the feedback problem.

Also, I can recreate the Bullet sound using the Graphic EQ pretty well.


What's my best option?

Remember, Green Bullet Sound + Effects with MINIMUM feedback at fairly high volume.

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