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Roxul Safe'n'Sound - DIY acoustic panels

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So my band moved into a new rehearsal space, which is an attic that's been finished, and it's pretty wild. Needs work... sounds awful up there.


I'd made some acoustic panels that were 2'x4' and 4" thick using O-C 703, they worked well, but sourcing 703 here is pretty damn difficult and fairly expensive.


I kept looking, and I found Roxul Safe'n'Sound... 2.5lbs density, 24"x48"x3" panels, cheaper, and my local building supply store stocks it.


Should be a fine replacement, eh? Gonna make a bunch of my 2'x4'x3" panels and try to tame the room. I'll try it out and give a quick review I guess.



Here's the room... dark photo...


Since I'm starting a new thread, this mic looks like an Audio-Technica AE3000, can anyone identify the drum mount? This snap is from Creed on AOL sessions. Actually, it kind of looks like one of these clamps.


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