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P3200 amp acting a little odd

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I've got 2x Yamaha P3200 amps in a monitor amp rack case with 2 (cough) behringer FBQ3102's in it too. 12sp rack, patch panel on the back with XLRM (input to EQ) and NL4 (2per amp channel), 1/4 to XLR cables left attached.


Basically the 4th mix I have to send a lot of signal to it to "wake" it up. Last weekend I couldn't wake it up and ended up using the EQ but using an unused amp channel in the FOH rack for power for that mix. Today I open up the rack, hook up an MP3 player (1/8 to XLR, ring and sleeve tied to pin 2, pin 3 open) and was able to wake up the amp channel. What gives? Is there a bad relay in this amp? The attenuators are always left wide open and turning them down there was no scratchiness or noise.


any ideas? Service time?

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