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The era of bargain-basement Gibsons appears to be over...for now

Etienne Rambert

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2017 was a rare year for deep discount Gibson electrics. Post bankruptcy filing,

I don’t see any comparable bargains out there.


I bought 2 @ fire sale prices - a 2014 SG Special for a son @ $479 and an amazing 2015 Les Paul Double Cut / P90’s @ $579.


I regret not buying a Gibson Memphis ES Les Paul Special early this year at Chicago Music Exchange. CME was blowing them out for around $800.

(ES 339’s were being sold for around $900.)


The two vendors to watch are Sam Ash for solid bodies & CME for ES models.

But I think the deep discount days may be over now.


You may see past model year LP Fadeds or SG Specials for <$700

but nothing like the bargains we saw in 2017.


1. The robo-tuner models are sold & gone.

2. Production has stopped on ES Les Pauls & lower cost ES 339’s.

3. Pricing & marketing may be out of Henry J’s hands.


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