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Are all video cameras created equal regarding Skypeing ?

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I registered with Skype this morning. First off, the pc's webcam saw me fine. So I tried connecting my Sony HDR-MV1 to the pc with a micro-HDMI/HDMI cable. Nothing. Someone told me I needed to connect the camera to the pc via a USB. So I tried that. Into a USB 3 port. Skype still didn't see the camera. Tools/Options had no options besides the pc's default.And when I connect the camera to the pc with USB, the camera display just has the "USB Connect Mass Storage Connected". If I plug the USB adapter cable into a power outlet, the camera display shows the image of whatever the lens sees. I want to be able to mount the camera on my mic boom stand. The Sony HDR-MV1 does this. And the Microsoft Lifecam below does too.


I'm planning on taking some jazz piano lessons from a guy in Leicaster UK later in the month. If need be I'm prepared to spend around $60-80 for a webcam and was thinking about the Microsoft Studio 1080p HD webcam below.




Any tips, insights, opinions ? Thanks






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