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  1. I went to CNET and downloaded their recommendation - Express Rip. I also unknowingly seemed consent to a Chrome browser extension. And pop-up ads. Some more searching and I found how to reset my browser and lose the pesky extension. I was able to load Electric Ladyland on my phone. I enjoyed listening on my Bluetooth headphones on yesterday's walk.
  2. BTW, I hate it when screwing around with the computer replaces time at the piano. I just want stuff to work.
  3. Thanks Mandolin and Jeff. I did a Google on Cnet recommended mp3 ripping software, and I downloaded Express Rip CD Ripper. I was able to rip Electric Ladyland. Vodoo Chile didn't rip correctly the first time - my best guess was it had something to do with the 15 minute length. Tried again and it ripped. Then I was able to load it onto my android phone. My Bluetooth headphones and phone are my main listening tools. Hardly ever use my receiver and CD player. If I like this ripping software I think I'll pay the $30 dollars for it.
  4. Thanks Jeff. I went to your link but had no success. I have Windows 10 BTW. I found this link https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/14209/get-windows-media-player and clicked the link "Enable Windows Media Player" then clicked the "open settings" button. Then clicked the "Add a feature" button and found a "Windows Media Feature" selection, which I clicked.....then clicked "Install". Restarted the PC. No luck. Then when I open the Windows page (whatever it's called) and type Windows Media Player my computer opens a page: /Control Panel/ All Control Panel Items / AutoPlay. After scrolling down and finding "CD" I tried "Open folder to view files". And for Blank CD I tried "Burn files to disc (File Explorer)". Restarted the PC and when I type "Media Player" it opens to the same settings screen I just described. I'm wondering if Bitdefender is a cluprit here. A couple of weeks back Google Chrome disappeared. I had to delete it and reinstall it with coaching from some google searching. There was a suggestion that antivirus software may have been blocking it. I hope to hell not. I don't need to pay money to have these annoyances. So I've had no success here. I'm wondering if I'd be happier in the Apple world. I like to use the computer, but have no desire to become a computer mechanic.
  5. I've never used it much. But I've used it to rip some of my CD's for transferring to my phone. I then use my phone with Bluetooth headphones. So recently, I happened to think I'd like to listen to Hendrix's Electric Ladyland on my phone. When searched on Media Player I found it's not there. Searching on how to "activate" it I found instructions on going to Control Panel / Programs and Features / Turn Windows features on and off / Media Features .............then expand Media Features and check Windows Media Player But, as is often the case with these sorts of instructions, Media Features has no sub-category. Any insights to offer ? Thanks.
  6. And if the current legal ignorance existed circa 1967, the Beatles could be cleaning up legally. Anyone old enough to remember all the harpsichords in pop songs after Sgt. Pepper ? And harpsichords with tambourines ? Harpsichords combined with tambourines. Any musician would spew out his coffee if it were suggested to be copyrightable in 1967. It's not remotely laughable these days, legally speaking.
  7. I believe this is partly a consequence of people who only know loop based music and Hip-Hop. A musical fragment or motif in their minds becomes a full fledged composition - especially if this little musical fragment is repeated over and over. I think someone should employ a team of knowledgeable musicologists to pore over music by Bach, Schubert, Mendelssohn, The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Perry Como, Robert Johnson, and so on and so on. Then find corresponding patterns in the form arrangement ideas and little motifs like the Katy Perry/Flame. Then illustrate these things to the ignorants who are bringing bogus litigation. As a lifelong musician who's still working at cultivating my musical skills, I'm frustrated by the level of ignorance in the legal puppet masters. I listened to about 2 minutes of the Katy Perry and 2 minutes of the Flame - I heard a repeated motif - in the key of Bb minor Db C Bb in the Katy Perry. In the Flame song I heard C B A. This constitutes a copyrighted composition ? Some more fodder below for some scum-sucking lawyers. With a little thought , others could come up with more examples using the "compositions" (i.e. tiny musical idea). Boogie Chillin Boogie Riff "Spirit In The Sky"/Multiple Canned Heat songs/ ZZ Top "La Grange" Hang On Sloopy I IV V "Guantanamera"/"Louie Louie" (with a minor V chord) Pink Descending accompanying motif similar (but not the same) to Katie Perry "Dark Horse" What About Us
  8. I Googled "Bolton UK open mics" and found several venues. I also checked "Manchester open mics" (Google said Manchester and Bolton are about 12 miles from each other). I'd be more inclined to attend some sort of jam session or open mic night. The difference between someone calling themselves a musician and hearing them actually play music can be huge. I need to hear a musician to know if their playing strikes my fancy. Some do. Many don't.
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