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  1. I went to CNET and downloaded their recommendation - Express Rip. I also unknowingly seemed consent to a Chrome browser extension. And pop-up ads. Some more searching and I found how to reset my browser and lose the pesky extension. I was able to load Electric Ladyland on my phone. I enjoyed listening on my Bluetooth headphones on yesterday's walk.
  2. BTW, I hate it when screwing around with the computer replaces time at the piano. I just want stuff to work.
  3. Thanks Mandolin and Jeff. I did a Google on Cnet recommended mp3 ripping software, and I downloaded Express Rip CD Ripper. I was able to rip Electric Ladyland. Vodoo Chile didn't rip correctly the first time - my best guess was it had something to do with the 15 minute length. Tried again and it ripped. Then I was able to load it onto my android phone. My Bluetooth headphones and phone are my main listening tools. Hardly ever use my receiver and CD player. If I like this ripping software I think I'll pay the $30 dollars for it.
  4. Thanks Jeff. I went to your link but had no success. I have Windows 10 BTW. I found this link https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/14209/get-windows-media-player and clicked the link "Enable Windows Media Player" then clicked the "open settings" button. Then clicked the "Add a feature" button and found a "Windows Media Feature" selection, which I clicked.....then clicked "Install". Restarted the PC. No luck. Then when I open the Windows page (whatever it's called) and type Windows Media Player my computer opens a page: /Control Panel/ All Control Panel Items / Aut
  5. I've never used it much. But I've used it to rip some of my CD's for transferring to my phone. I then use my phone with Bluetooth headphones. So recently, I happened to think I'd like to listen to Hendrix's Electric Ladyland on my phone. When searched on Media Player I found it's not there. Searching on how to "activate" it I found instructions on going to Control Panel / Programs and Features / Turn Windows features on and off / Media Features .............then expand Media Features and check Windows Media Player But, as is often the case with these sorts of instructions,
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