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FT: Alpha 500K Push-Pull Potentiometer


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Any techs or DIY guitar makers here need a never used Alpha push-pull 500K pot by any chance? I got one from Guitar Fetish that I never ended up using (i.e. hiring my tech to put in a guitar). If you have a couple of CTS 250K pots, or three Alpha 250K or 500K pots you'd want to swap, or a good quality 3, 4 or 5 way switch or a decent jack you'd like to swap (I could PP you a little extra loot or something) and need one of these thingies, let's make a deal!


I know it's kind of like swapping packs of chewing gum or something, but it seems like the part suppliers sometimes hose you on shipping and these kind of parts should be pretty cheap to mail by USPS.


Here's a link to the part: http://store.guitarfetish.com/pudppo50auge.html

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