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4 solid instrument/patch cables in almost new condition for super low prices!


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Cables are now SOLD (sale pending on last cable)




I have WAY too many cables, so these are up for anyone who wants some solid, quality instrument or patch cables for cheap. They are in incredible condition, I hate to use the word "mint" as it gets overused; however, you'd be hard pressed to distinguish these from brand new cables of the same type.


The 20-foot long instrument cables with the amber and black tweed jackets come from Orange County Speaker (orangecountyspeaker.com) and are simply some of the best you can buy for the price. I've taken a closeup of the heat shrink/strain relief as well - exceptionally well done. These cables boast a very low capacitance of 38pf per foot (better than Canare GS-6 and one pf less than Mogami 2524 as well) and sport gold tipped ends to complete the incredibly professional construction of these cables. I own 8 or 9 of these, and simply don't need these two.


These sell new direct from OCS for $20 plus $5 shipping. Let's say $16 shipped/paypal'd for each in the lower 48.


The Hosa 15-foot long TS-TS instrument/patch cables are as-new. They've only been lightly used on a church stage and then coiled in my home studio since. They perform excellently well in both roles - I used them for my Traynor YCV-50 (now sold) effects loop send/return cables. Absolutely perfect function and excellent appearance as well...the white lettering on the cable "body" is still clear and unmarred.


These sell for about $8-$10 new before shipping. Let's say $6.50 shipped/paypal'd apiece in the lower 48 or $11 shipped/paypal'd for both.


On to the pictures:













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