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Adeson TriSonics, Custom Pickguard, and Electronics


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I spent a fair amount of time and money getting this together, but the Red Special madness has kind of worn off and I think I want to go in a different direction for the guitar I'm currently working on. I have a set of Adeson TriSonics with abalone inserts and a strat pickguard that was custom made by Terrapin Guitars. I don't want to sell them separately, but will consider it if someone wants to buy the pickups first. The pickguard does not have a slant for the bridge pickup, has three pot holes, and three switch holes where the 5 way would normally go. Note that this will definitely require some additional routing to fit in a traditional strat cavity because the TriSonics are much wider than regular single coils (particularly on the bottom). The bottom left foot of the neck pickup particularly comes close to the edge of the pickguard. The placement of the switches may also require some additional routing to fit in a traditional strat cavity. I bought the pickups new and wired them into the pickguard. Everything worked, though I could not fully test it out as I have not yet had a body routed out to accommodate it (I wired it to a guitar's output jack and then tested all the settings. The leads have almost their full length (cut less than 1/2" on any of them).


Here's the Adeson product page. They've been sold out for a while-- apparently (according to the email I received from them) because the original components are kind of difficult to source (these use unusual ceramic magnets):


Here the Adesons are shouted out as the "the best reproduction of the original Burns Tri-Sonic pickups"


According to Wikipedia (where everything is true - though I have seen this stated in numerous places): "An official identical reproduction of the original 1960's Tri-Sonic pick-up is made by UK pick-up makers Adeson"


Here I put the parts loosely together to get an idea of what it would look like when completed (it's the red guitar on top), so you can see what the front of the pickguard looks like:


and a closeup of the pickups (I took the cover off once I made sure it worked):


and a view of it wired up:



I will include a new set of pots (250K CTS), caps (Orange Drop .022 or .047-- your choice) and switches (one of the three switches in this set had one wire soldered to it) and can leave the pickguard wired up. The pickguard wired up as is has .022 MojoTone Vitamin T caps. Note that I will not guarantee the pickguard to work if I leave it wired up due to the many little connections that may get jostled around in shipping even with the pickguard packed well (though it should-- this is just a bit more fragile, in my estimation, than your typical pre-wired strat pickguard).


I will sell the pickups, pickguard and everything listed above for $160 OBO shipped. Partial trade offers welcome (up to 1/2 the asking price)

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