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FS: Strings and pedalboard wiring/power supply kit


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Still got the two NIB 10' Livewire cables available. I'm open to trades for small stuff; make me an offer, not sure what I need until you tell me I need it.






I've got 13 packs of brand new EB Slinky 10-46 gauge strings (yellow pack) for $45 shipped to the lower 48. Nothing wrong with them except for the gauge (I'm a girly man who uses .09's on everything).






And I've got a pedalboard wiring kit ready to go.






5) used LiveWire one foot patch cables (right angle) (MF price: $7.99ea)

2) new in box LiveWire ten foot guitar cables (straight plug) (MF price: $9.99 ea)

1) used in box OneSpot 9V adapter combo pack (MF price: 34.99)


That comes up to about $95 worth of stuff new...I'll sell it all for $50 shipped to the lower 48.


None of this stuff was ever gigged, I had a pedalboard and everything worked great but I sold all my pedals when I got my AxeFX. I just ohmed out all the patch cables to make sure that there wouldn't be any surprises and they are fine. Everything is in great condition and complete except I am missing the OneSpot manual....I hope that you can figure out which end goes into the wall and which one goes into the pedals. :lol:

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