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Misc pickups / parts / hardware - cheap!


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Cleaning out my parts box. I will discount multiple items with combined shipping. Please PM with interest. Thanks for looking

1) Set of H-S-S pickups from an entry level Yamaha Strat. White covers / bobbins, ceramic bar mags
Bucker reads 8.83K, singles are ~5.52K Leads are approx 6"

$25 shipped for the set

2) Pair of Strat single pickups of unknown origin (possibly MIM, but unsure). ceramic bar mags. no covers. One has red / white leads, the other is blue / white, approx 7" of wire. Each reads ~ 4.8 - 4.9K

$25 shipped for pair

3) Chrome covered HB of unknown origin. Reads 7.5K $20

4) Tele bridge pickup of unknown origin. 6.12K. Baseplate needs to be reglued $15

5) Dead Classic Vibe Tele bridge pickup. Good rewind candidate $15

6) ~2 dozen fillister screws and ~1 dozen hex cap screw from Addiction Fx $10

7) 7 pcs. Floyd rose string retainer bars chrome, no screws $15

8) Strat SSS pickguard WBW. Shielded still has plastic film $15

9) Squier Strat Big Apple HH pickguard. Single ply black $10

10 ) 5 amber Gibson style knobs and a set of 3 white Strat knobs $10

11) Set of 2 clear acrylic neck radius gauges 7.5" .. 20" $10

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