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FS: AMD RME Mobile DAW loaded!


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New job requires me to move a lot, so my complete Shuttle SN45G system with 19inch flat screen monitor needs to go. Here are the specs:




Shuttle XPC SN45G (v1.0) Specs:

Microsoft Windows XP PRO (CD included)

AMD Athlon XP (barton core) CPU @ 2.5Ghz

1GB Kingston HyperX PC3500 CAS 2 memory

-->memory is expandable to 2GB and I can upgrade this for no labor cost

Two 250GB 8mb cache Maxtor 7200rpm Hard Drives

-->500GB total hard drive space

Internal Mosfet heatsinks

Internal 92mm Panaflo fan (quiet and flows more than stock)

Linksys Wireless adapter

-->internal mod

ATI Radeon X800XL VIVO graphics card (includes video in / video out cables)

NEC 3500AG cdrw/DVD writer DUAL LAYER combo drive

Mitsumi Advanced Keyboard

Logitech MX300 Mouse


RME Multiface + PCI Card (includes all cables + drivers + manual)



Cornerstone p1460 19inch flat screen monitor

-->uses a very precise hitacthi tube and has the absolute best crisp text and most stable image out of any other crt monitor I've ever seen!



contact email: DEJACKY@GMAIL.COM

Click Here to see my 100% positive Heatware Trader Feedback




this computer blows away a fully loaded Dell Latitude D820 dual core laptop, especially in games. It's still a very fast system that outperforms a lot of current pc's and the best thing is it's ROCK SOLID stable. If you're looking for a semi-portable pc that is superb bang/buck for gaming, video editing, and photo editing, this is IT!

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