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  1. Hi fellow GearSlutz, for sale is my perfectly working RME Multiface setup that includes the following: RME Multiface I/O Box PCMCIA card for laptops PCI card for Desktop / Tower computers (not pictured) RME Power Supply (so it can truly be used mobile on battery power) (not pictured) RME connecting cables for PCI and PCMCIA cards (not pictured) Price: $400 for Dallas locals & $420 shipped for out-of-towners Contact: Send me a private message on this forum or email --> Dejacky @ GmaiL.com kfhkh
  2. bump lowered price to $450
  3. bump bump I put it on the bay due to non-serious buyers. It has a low reserve: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=220087034840 thanks everyone
  4. I listed in the price earlier in the thread: Price: $500 Shipping in USA: ~$50 Location: Dallas, Texas thanks .
  5. Here is some more info about this DW Pacific FS drum set: 8x10 tom, 9x12 tom, 12x14 tom, 18x22 kick, 5x14 snare Pacific FS Drums feature all-birch shells, True-Pitch
  6. bump Contact Email: DEJACKY@GMAIL.COM This Pacific FS kit is their Satin Red color. These pictures don't do it justice to how nice it looks..also it's a little dusty in the pics. The drumset has never been gigged or played in concert, it was only used for practice at home...so it's in mint condition. Since I don't use it anymore and need the extra space, I have no choice but to sell it. Everything works perfectly to the best of my knowledge. Here is a list of everything that is included with the Pacific FS drumset: 1) Pearl P-100 Pedal (dual sided) with adjustment allen wrenches and drum tuning wrench 2) All birch shells with mounting hardware 3) Evans G1 coated batter head on small tom 4) Remo Emperor X batter on snare 5) Aquarian Super Kick III batter head with Aquarian Resonator bass head 6) Crash/Ride Cymbal stand 7) Two Hi hat stands! 8) Cymbal stand tripod base 9) Drum Sticks 10) Pacific Single Ply Bass drum batter & resonator heads Price: $500 Shipping in USA: ~$50 Location: Dallas, Texas
  7. Originally posted by BLS_1 Sizes? It's a PACIFIC FS drumset. If you type that into google, I'm sure it'll give you the exact sizes or Pacific website might have it. I don't know that info offhand...they sound great when tuned and sound phenomenol in recordings.
  8. New job requires me to move a lot, so my complete Shuttle SN45G system with 19inch flat screen monitor needs to go. Here are the specs: http://global.shuttle.com/Product/Barebone/brb_OverView.asp?B_id=17 Shuttle XPC SN45G (v1.0) Specs: Microsoft Windows XP PRO (CD included) AMD Athlon XP (barton core) CPU @ 2.5Ghz 1GB Kingston HyperX PC3500 CAS 2 memory -->memory is expandable to 2GB and I can upgrade this for no labor cost Two 250GB 8mb cache Maxtor 7200rpm Hard Drives -->500GB total hard drive space Internal Mosfet heatsinks Internal 92mm Panaflo fan (quiet and flows more than stock) Linksys Wireless adapter -->internal mod ATI Radeon X800XL VIVO graphics card (includes video in / video out cables) NEC 3500AG cdrw/DVD writer DUAL LAYER combo drive Mitsumi Advanced Keyboard Logitech MX300 Mouse RME Multiface + PCI Card (includes all cables + drivers + manual) MONITOR: Cornerstone p1460 19inch flat screen monitor -->uses a very precise hitacthi tube and has the absolute best crisp text and most stable image out of any other crt monitor I've ever seen! PRICE: $1,450 or BEST OFFER contact email: DEJACKY@GMAIL.COM Click Here to see my 100% positive Heatware Trader Feedback Fwiw, this computer blows away a fully loaded Dell Latitude D820 dual core laptop, especially in games. It's still a very fast system that outperforms a lot of current pc's and the best thing is it's ROCK SOLID stable. If you're looking for a semi-portable pc that is superb bang/buck for gaming, video editing, and photo editing, this is IT!
  9. wow, no one is interested in this pristine condition drumset?
  10. Pacific FS drumset. NEW Price: $450 Details and more pictures below. I'm taking a big loss on this, but must get rid of it, need money.. In like new condition. I only used it to practice at home, so it's never been played live or abused in any way. Aquarian Superkick III (coated batter) w/ Aquarian Resonator head. I'll also include the original kick drum heads. Pearl P100 bass drum pedal. Evans g1 coated (i think) head on the small tom and a REMO on the snare batter. CONTACT EMAIL: DEJACKY@GMAIL.COM
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