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FS: DW Collectors 6 Piece Drum Kit with Rack and Cymbals

MoNkEy MaN X

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I'm selling my DW Collectors drum kit. The color is a dark red satin. It was made in the USA and in 2002. Overall good shape, some scuffs and dings here and there, nothing major that any other used kit wouldn't have. The 14" tom doesn't have the wing for the clamp to tighten it down so you have to use some kind of grips or it can be replaced like anything else. Also included is a gibralter rack system, a Yamaha Anton Fig custom snare, and a complete line of zildjian cymbals. Here is the sizes of the drums and cymbals:


* DW Kick Drum 18x22

* Yamaha Anton Fig Custom Snare 5x14

* DW Tom 8x10

* DW Tom 10x12

* DW Tom 12x14

* DW Tom 13x16

* 14" A New Beat Hi Hats

* 12" A Custom Splash

* 14" A Custom Crash

* 16" K Custom Dark Crash

* 16" A Custom Fast Crash

* 17" A Custom Projection Crash

* Pasite 20" Signature Ride

* Gibraltar Rack and all Rack Hardware

* 2 Heavy Duty Stands


I also have a Zildjian 13" A custom Hi Hat set if you don't want the A New Beat hats. The double bass pedal, hi hat stand, and snare stand are not included. I'm in Connecticut and would prefer to sell locally. Looking to get $3000 for the set up. Here is a link to some pics below:


Detailed pics of the DW Kit

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