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FS: Paiste Dark Energy Mk II 20" ride


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Welcome passengers, to this stop on my "perfect ride" journey. Today we're stopping for a moment to visit "Let's See What a Paiste Dark Energy Sounds Like."


Here at LSWAPDESL, we're pleased to report that these rides actually sound really, really good. This one is no exception. At 2305g, it's right in that weight sweet-spot where you can control the wash and not worry about unwanted crashes, but still get enough power from the stick sound that you aren't getting lost. That's an important thing, if that's what you're looking for. The Paiste sound comes through without a lot of dissonant overtones, and yet the wash is warmer and more complex than you might expect. The bell is bold and sure to cut through the mix when you want it to.


The Paiste Signature is a bit worn, but the model logo is strong, as are all ink logos on the reverse side. There are no problems of any kind on the edge or hole or surface.


We thank you for visiting LSWAPDESL and wish you a pleasant stay...





$233 SHIPPED within the US48!

The cheapest I can find one online is $418!

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