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Like new Eventide H8000FW


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I need to get rid of my beloved H8000FW. I need a new roof and I'm flush out of cash. I'll be picking one up again soon once I have the money, but right now the roof needs to get done. I've only had mine for a few months. It had it upgraded from an Orville to H8000FW. It's entirely brand new parts and motherboard and full warranty.


I have all the new manuals and accessories like the BNC T-bracket and terminators for wordclock, the Comapact Flash PC Card adapter with 32 Meg flash. I can provide pictures on request. It is like new.


I'm looking to get about $4800 obo for it shipped. This is a great deal as brand new these are $5500 and I've only had this a couple months. Paypal accepted.

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