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Wanted "2" Jackson JE-1200 Active Mid Boosts.

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The electronics were in these models that I know of.


Charvel Spectrum,

Charvel model 4, Charvel model 475, deluxe and exotic,

Model 6, Model 650XL

Jackson Soloist SL1 pre-1992,

Jackson Professional Soloist Pro


If anyone has replaced their pickups and electronics in any of these guitars and still has the originals I will gladly buy them off you.

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Still looking.


I'll give the same deal to anyone that will part with it.




I'll give $70.00 (which is a great price) and I'll throw in a similar unit from EMG of your choice.

The EMG SPC will give you the closest sound to what you have now with more boost than the jackson unit.

THe SPC is too much boost for the pickup I want to use with it, but should greatly improve the overall sound of the 475 you have. It's your choice though. I'll send you any EMG active unit to replace it. and give you the $70.00 for your effort.

If you do want the EMG SPC I'll send you a Charvel volume nob with it so you'll have one because the SPC is actually a mid tone nob.


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Hey there guy I have the original pickups the original covers the jackson ones And the preamp mid/boost out of my old Charvel 4 lets talk  I mite have the full wiring I have to look for them. Send me a howdy. Im jim.

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