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In case you missed it: nice video of Vai playing his three neck JEM.


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'I recommend the Joe Satriani live in San Francisco DVD and skip this one. That DVD has great audio and visual and you don't have to sit through David Copperfield or Jaba Da Hut like on this DVD'


hahahahahahaha, found this in the amazon reviews :D



'My first thought , having not seen Malmsteen in about 12 years, was that they must be paying him in cheeseburgers'


'Ok Yngwie definetely made the best entrance lol. It was pretty cool and it got the crowd pumped up alot. But i had never seen him before, and he scared the crap out of me lol.'


lol :D

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Originally posted by Matter-Eater Lad

The part where the other dude comes up behind Vai and starts playing one of the three necks is pretty gay. A guitar "reach-around".


un "reach around" ME MEO...HAHAHAH:D SUPER GAY




but ....... a three neck guitar is a pretty gay ass idea....... look at me i can play more than one at the same time DHURRRRRRRRHRRR!!


*looking for pic to laugh*




*looking for a bigger photo to laugh even more!!!*

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