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OT: Is it just me, or is Rev Run schoolin' the chumps in the rap scene today?


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Originally posted by SASQUATCH

He sounds like the Beastie Boys.



No. The Beastie Boys sound like him.


Anyway, I haven't heard the new Run yet, but you'd be hard pressed to find anyone doing stuff better than Kanye West or Mike Jones or Andre 3000 in any genre right now. I'd say hip hop is in awfully good hands, and fifty 1989 dollars say that we'll look at this decade as a golden age in rap history.

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Originally posted by GPD

Heard the single....lame

Check out: Mr. Lif



Dr. Octagon

Dr. Octagon and kool keith are the same person. Also known as Dr. Doom, and the black elvis for an album or two. He's my man when it somes to rap.

Also did some great {censored} with ultramagnetis MC's witth deltron 3030

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Originally posted by lowroadrevival

Kool Keith rules the school when it comes to rap.

Kayne west? Get outta here with that.



"bitch you want want birth control/ smoke a cigarette"


although kool keith did put on one of the worst shows ive seen. probly only 40 min of music.


madlib is dope. also mf doom. both experimenting quite a bit.

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