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  1. I have an old-box EH Deluxe Memory Man for sale, the awesome sounding old chips, true bypass, detachable wall wart. Decent cosmetic condition, perfect playing condition. It sounds GREAT but I just don't use delay anymore and I need cash fast. Fast cash price: $250 shipped? Or best offer for sure, would like this ready to ship out tomorrow.
  2. Originally posted by GuyaGuy contrary to Indo's suggestion, buffers usually go first. the idea is to push the signal through the long chain. however, the buffer might cause your fuzz--and maybe other dirt--to act differently than it should. As a general rule of life, most things I do are contrary to Indo's suggestion. It's worked for me for quite some time.
  3. Originally posted by IndofunkCity You know my thoughts on modulation and time .... Ahem. That being said, and the fact that I know nothing about dirt, so I'll second goo-ya guy's reco, here goes... -dirt- EH Deluxe Memory Man Lovepedal Magic Boy "univibe" Tremolo DOD bifet preamp Planet Waves Pedal Tuner (since this is working for you now) *sigh*
  4. Hey - I'm pretty positive that the "PW tuner isn't true bypass" thing is a total myth. Among other bits of evidence, I offer that the PW literature does NOT actually use any tricky language, and the owner's manual explicitly states, "the pedal is equipped with true bypass" in no uncertain terms. In the meantime, no one has ever shown any pictures or schematics that I have seen that show what kind of bypass the pedal has. I really am just about convinced that the myth thing came about as a result of such an inexpensive pedal being true bypass. Please prove me wrong - I'm curious about it.
  5. Originally posted by kishjor i think dunlop makes a reissue It's not a reissue. It's out to emulate the sound and it has the same name, but it's a totally different look, design, circuit and sound. It's not half bad.
  6. In all honestly, I've never played through any pedal that sounded even remotely like a real Univibe, which is obscenely expensive and kind of tricky to maintain. Of the phase pedals that simulate doppler stuff out on the market these days, my favorite is the Lovepedal Magic Boy. Worth what he charges.
  7. Originally posted by NITEFLY182 turd rocket. I don't know what that means, but okay.
  8. Originally posted by NITEFLY182 A TVP-1? I have one of those, its very cool but the speed range is limited. I wanted it to go faster but it doesn't get very fast. The two wave shapes are nice though. Nope. It's a custom one off, goofball.
  9. Originally posted by kishjor is it analouge? Yes, but that doesn't matter much.
  10. Looks a lot like this: But it's a trem. I'll have it in a week.
  11. Check out the Rocktron Austin Gold, too. No, really. Don't worry about the $45 price tag - it sounds like a real boutique overdrive to me. One of my favorites.
  12. Hi. So, I have a pretty good sized pedal board, and the order I have the pedals in right now isn't quite doing what I want it to. I've always been a dirt box afficianado, but with the new stuff, I'm a little at sea. Here's my board in the order it's in right now: Fender Blender Lovepedal Magic Boy "univibe" DOD bifet preamp (just above unity as a buffer) MXR Distortion + (a quite old one) Barber LTD Silver Tremolo (this week, EH Pulsar - next week it's replaced by a Young Pedals custom Tremulus Lune) EH Deluxe Memory Man Planet Waves Pedal Tuner NB: At present, the tuner is last in the chain because it makes horrible noises in conjunction with the Pulsar. It's working fine at the end of the chain, though, and true bypass so not much of an issue). Your thoughts would be welcome -- my dirt pedals are behaving strangely in that order. Hard to explain, but the Barber, for instance, really isn't putting out the kind of boost it should be putting out.
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