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Make It Stop !


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Originally posted by ginnboonmiller

I'll be kind to you, and post it here instead of as a new thread.


Do we really think preservation is right?





Vin Diesel refuses to answer the phone before the second ring. He doesn't want to come off as desperate.

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Truth is, this is simply a meeting hall for a whole bunch of wacky muscians. As such we get bored. Like all of my friends they are prone to comical outbursts. Lets face it, if every single thread was really just about effects, after a while I think we would all go stir crazy. Hell, just let people have fun if they want.

People still publish interesting and on topic posts, but mostly I think we just come here for companionship.

I know I do!

In my best Cartman.

Ahem................ I love you guys.

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