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Lets do a UK trade thread!!!


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Hey, its mad, crazy and wild, but it might just work.


I have available for trade:


Line 6 DM-4

Lovetone Big Cheese

Ernie Ball Volume Pedal On Hold

2 Boss DD-5 's (one better than the other)

Red Witch Moon Phaser Deluxe Gone

HBE Tramp Tremolo

V-Stack Classic

Effector 13 TBD (older version)

Zvex Ooh Wah

Keeley Private Shop Fuzz Head

catalinbread Teaser Stallion

1974 Orange OR-120 head

1995 USA Hamer Studio Custom w/SD Seth Lover pickups


I want:


FoxRox Octron (yeah I know but maybe)

FoxRox TZF (yeah I know but maybe)

Toneczar Echoczar (yeah I know but maybe)

Diezel VH-4 (yeah I know but maybe)

Vintage Tele's that are bruised and battered

Someone to rehouse my crappy amp channel switcher with a 9-pin jack into to something nice and shiny

Keeley Compressor


Maybe some of us can faciltate some lovely non-cash deals?

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