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Final rig decisions...


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Right now I have this rig:


Picture Wah



Guyatone MD3

Boss DD20

ISP Decimator



I use a Pedal Power 2 so I would like to have a rig that is powered just by one pedal power. So right now I have 4 power spaces left (I use a battery for the wah). I think i'm filling up three of the spaces with these:


Skreddy Top Fuel

Foxrox Octron

Red Witch Pentavocal Tremolo


The last spot could be another fuzz, an envelope filter, a peterson strobe stomp, or something else.


I don't feel the need for a compressor, eq, or boost pedal.


So what do you think I should fill the last space up with?

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yeah, get a fuzz factory with a power plate.

I just filled my last four spots.
Tubescreamin (great clone)
Tube zone custom

so the board reads:

dubtronics comp
fuzz factory
dubtronics tubescreamin
custom tube zone
Dubtronics modded Jekyll and Hyde
Frantone Peachfuzz
Super Hard On
Frantone Vibutron
Sib mr Echo
Red Witch Moon Phaser
Red Witch Medusa.

:D :D :D

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