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still alive!

Wood Chuck

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Originally posted by valvedriventone


Sorry to hear aboot that Aldo.

I wuz gonna call ya, but figured sumthin wuz up.

Stay strong fer tha familia old man

thanks patrick! been about three weeks of 24/7! took 2 weeks off of work, doin the best i can! it ripped
my heart to shreds, when the old man looked at me and said..
you, are my best friend! hell, the tough ole man finally gave me
some sugah!!:D

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my dad is having heart surgery at the end of the month. I'm basically heading out of town once i get some orders filled, and hope that everything goes well for him.

Now my dad wants me to sign all these forms, which relate to things i really dont want to think about. I'm sure he'll be fine though.

I hope everything goes well for your family.

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