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5 things I have done but will never do again


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Originally posted by incubass

She lived in a tree

She wasn't out when he killed her baby;)

actually though, that abortion clinic that got blown up afew years ago is like a mile from where I live...



yeah, that's the one!

pity about the throbbing squirm, gurgling bloody mess of a child she had.



what's with birminghams and abortions? they just go hand in hand? they should be called... 'bortionham!

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Originally posted by blaghaus

Lose my virginity


Pay to watch a football match

Grab hold of the mains while changing a plug socket

Drink Earl Grey

Watch the L.A. Galaxy "live"...
See a Celine Dion show( I am so ashamed)...
Help a "friend" start up a business with venture capital!
Turn down a midget :D
Go to an Arsenal game!

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Get drunk enough to vomit
Buy a ring for a girl with whom my future is uncertain
Hit on a girl I'm not attracted to in an attempt to get laid
Date a Mormon
Speak to my most recent ex-girlfriend, who finds a different way to break my heart on a regular basis.

That last one probably won't hold water. After seeing her today, the first one might not either.

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