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Which multi-fx pedal should I get???


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I'm sure that there's probably plenty of posts similar to this one that have been asked before, but I'm going to ask anyway. I have lately been playing at a church where we don't have any room for amps on stage and I end up running my cheap Digitech RP100 pedal straight to the board. I guess it sounds ok, but I've had a terrible time finding presets I like and it doesn't have any dynamics based to my Marshall or Mesa at home. Do any of you have a good suggestion for a pedal/set of pedals that would be good for use through a direct box into a P.A. and have a nice tube-ish sound to them? I don't really need any effects other than a nice warm clean tone, a good realistic distortion, and some delay/reverb. Any other features would be nice but not neccessary. My price range is anything under $400. The guitar I'll be using most of the time through it is an Ibanez Jem, if that makes any difference. Thanks for any help!!!

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