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Monday SPAM Thread


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Hey guys,

I have some pedals I have not been using and am looking for some interesting trades. All are in VERY good condition. Here we go:


-Clark Gainster - Point to Point Version - Big box

-Pedalworx Hades Serial #2 (McFuzz and McFuzz Hot in one box)

-Barge Concepts BB-1 (BeeBaa Clone)


Looking for:

-Skreddy Pedals


-Red Witch


-Analogman Clone Chorus

-Z.Vex LoFi Looper

-Other Boutique gear too, just send me any offers

-Modulation type effects would be great




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I've got two Boss half rack units


a boss rps-10

a boss rrv-10


a hundred twenty for both? The catch: money order only, I"m having problems with my paypal account (someone did a chargeback and I'm trying to figure that out right now)


I have no room on my board for these rack units and I just quit my band....so downsizing my effects. They work great though, I particularly like the reverb.

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Subdecay Blackstar - $130

Subdecay Stupid Box (older big one) - $90

Aramat Mojo Fuzz - $90

Boss BF2 (over 10 years old) - $60

Tonefactor Omega Fuzz (an orange one!) - $80

Fireman FX dual Baron/Beagle boost - $100

H&K Warp Factor - $40

Digitech USA-made Bad Monkey - $40

Celestion V30 8ohm 60w with 20 hours on it - $80

2004 Agile AD2500 amber flame w/DiMarzios - $300

2005 Agile PS900 amber quilt w/o pups - $185

1980 mij Yamaha SBG500 sunburst - $485


All prices include 48 state shipping if prepaid w/USPS money order. No paypal, no int'l. SENIOR MEMBERS ONLY! Trades considered on everything but the guitars. PM me.


Looking for:

Kaden Brown Creeper

M.I. Audio Tube Zone

Pedalworx Neo Drive

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Dano Cool Cat Chorus - 18v version w/ Adaptor in good condition - $50 Shipped


Dano Hash Browns Flanger - $19 Shipped

Arion SFL-1 Flanger - $45 Shipped

Boss CS2 Compressor - MIJ, has one "non-stock" knob - $60 Shipped

MXR Phase 90 - Minty with Velcro & Original box - $50 Shipped

Nick Greer Black Fuzz - $80 Shipped



16" x 30" Diamondplate - $35 plus ship

Click for Diamondplate




Paypal Ok

Make Offers on multiples

Will consider and likely take any reasonable trade offer



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Keely Fuzzhead-(with internal tone trimmer)-$120 Great pedal. I have two I only need one! SOLD TO MR. MUNKEY.


Menatone Workingman Blues-$120 See above!


Dragonfly FX Fuzzsaw-$40-Sweet little pedal made by a local here a few years back...Kind of a gated one knob fuzz



Menatone Mailbomb-$105


Tonefactor Analogue Filter-$75 The velcro came undone in my flight case pedal board so it knocked around and sustained a few minor nicks hence the price...Sale pending!


Ross Chorus made in Taiwan with original box-$55 It's as good as the analogman. For real yo.


Dano Rocky Road with volume mod-$25 Formerly owned by B'more tele!!!-Sold!


Dano pepperoni phaser-$15 nib-Sold!


Zvex seek Trem with cusack tap tempo mod-$255 It's a friggin killer mod. I am going to keep my bent modded fm-4 for this type stuff; I just don't use it enough to justify keeping it.


Rastop Super Divider-$175 see above.




Flight case type board-$80 (yes thats SHIPPED!!!) With latchs and handle; very pro and formerly owned by the most honest lawyer east of the Mississippi-us2bslim. Measures approx. 31x17.5x5 on the outside.





Super Melody Trem-$80 Formerly owned by Delorean! Looks like an old radio but it's a mean little {censored}er when cranked! and it has trem! Be warned of the potentially life threatening (just kiddin) two prong cord!




Old Silvertone Accoustic-with case. $95 Great beater; I've kept it tuned down to D flat. Nice tone tuned down like that. FORMERLY OWNED BY HANGWIRE!!! The case is scented by eau de Milwaukee ashtray!!!!




Set of John Suhr tele pickups-$145-(These are being swapped out right now; they can't be shipped for about aweek...) Even, vintage, classic tone. Not to muddy on the neck, no ice pick on the bridge but just right. I'm putting in a hotter set that is less "classic." You have instant cork sniffer cred on the gear page if you buy these!



Paypal preferred; mainly looking for cash so I can get a Reeves amp. I'll haggle.

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hey kids, i've got the following for sale/trade;


Teaser Stallion Distortion pedal - $95


Looking for the following


Fulltone Fulldrive 2

Dod DFX94 or Digitech PDS series delay or any lo-fi sampler/delay


PM if interested, based in UK but will ship worldwide! :cool:

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1-spot power supply $15+$7 S/H


GIBSON USA 500T/460R pickups out of my Les Paul classic premium plus (8.6 ohms and 15.0ohms) $40 each or $70 for the set. $7 S/H (BLACK BOBBINS)


PM me if you are interested.


Open to trades; always looking for different and weird stuff!




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Marshall JCM2000 DSL50 - brand new Ruby STR EL-34b's, Lecover custom fit cover $750 shipped FedEx ground, slight discount for local pickup in DFW, TX area


POD XT all model packs installed power supply, manual, some scuffs $260 shipped Priority Mail. This is an awesome deal!


Euthymia ICBM fuzz no DC jack, like new with box $135 shipped Priority


Goodrich volume pedal low profile passive model like brand new with box $140 shipped Priority


Ibanez DE-7 $55 shipped Priority


All items are in perfect working order. Pictures available. No trades please. USPS Money Order ok, paypal ok. I am busy today so it might take me a bit to respond to pm's, but I will get back to you. Thanks!

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For Sale:


T.C Electronics G Major (MINT)

Rocktron Midimate Foot Controller (Excellent)

Furman RP-8D Power Conditioner 4 space (MINT)

SKB 4 space roto rack (MINT)


Original Boxes and Manuals for all accept for Midimate (box)

would like to sell all together.


$585.00 Shipped

Email me if interested


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