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  1. Originally posted by Tonemeister69 Do you love me? mojo sent.
  2. I've got about $.53 in my paypal account, what should i buy? I like effects that make the guitar sound cool, but not in a gay way like phaser.
  3. Originally posted by Tonemeister69 No Mojo here... :cry: mojo sent.
  4. Originally posted by yaz75 That's the second time you've left this thread. So leave already. ddube, yaz'd much?
  5. Originally posted by Arjae !racist
  6. Originally posted by Kimsuzzie... BAL/DELUXE 60 stack muwahahahaha cheap too.. TONE for two hundred and fiddy bones?
  7. Originally posted by Tonemeister69 That depends. Did you send it? of course just to make sure MOJO SENT
  8. dibs if im not too late and...mojo sent?
  9. i mweab tghe guifars partds area aqll likew dun dfuin dunnasddunna dun duna du3n WOjw
  10. duedws ui hu===guesssssdno onesdr lieks thre deasd
  11. cxaserty jionesd ytou bettfrer wasdch yourvs spedddee
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