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Lovepedal 1/2 watt Vintage amp?


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Anyone own (or play) one of these? Do they sound as good as the clips (which sound incredible)? Is it more than a gimmick? This isn't just a more expensive Smokey, is it? Will it give me a better overdrive tone than my Microcube?



Also, does anyone know if you can purchase these 1/2 watt Love Pedals anywhere other than directly from lovepedal.com?


I was thinking about asking for this for Christmas, but my girlfriend doesn't have Paypal (which is apparently what they take as payment).

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Originally posted by Last Nerve

If you're really after a Nano, I think the Vintage 1/2er will blow you away and save you some dough.

My should be here anyday now. I'll report back.

IF Sean can't take a MO, send one to me and I'll Paypal him for ya.


It's as good as the Nano? How can this little battery powered solid state pedal amp be as good as a little tube amp?


Just curious. I don't doubt it as the clips sound incredible. Do you know something more than what is on that site? Have you played one or heard more clips?

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Originally posted by AtomHeartMother

Do they have an email so I could ask him questions? I can't find one on the website.


Hello.. You can send me a PM thru here if you wish.. I have a few different payment options.. :)


Here is the first "vintage 1/2 watt amp" review from the gear page amp section..







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1/2 Watt Review

I'm first? Is this thing on...thump...thump


Where I'm coming from: I've owned a Zvex amp, a smokey, an Emery Superbaby with a TAD Smicz adapter-all sub-1 watt amps, varying in price from $25-750. I tested the amp with a variety of speakers, mostly with my modded Parker (Duncan classic rails and a Seth Lover, -6-+40 dB switchable boost), using both a Timmy and a Dialtone Octave/Fuzz. When I first got it, it came with a pair of carbon batteries-didn't have much clean overhead or bass, turns out that Sean has a bad batch of batteries. I switched to alkalines today and it improved things:


Clean-it's a bit volume challenged clean. It can do a warm, tweed type clean where there's a bit of hair on things when you hit them harder. It's not a very treble amp, and I'm sure all of you have discovered that cranking the treble can make an amp sound louder in clean mode-so running an EQ into it might help this. It likes very low output pickups clean (even the classic rails will push it into distortion unless the volume is backed off). Still, it's clean is MUCH better than the smokey and better than the Zvex-only the much more expensive Emery beats it (and that's courtesy of tube changing and a real OT). It likes bright speakers for clean.


Distorted-this is where it shines-it kills the Smokey and the Zvex-there's just no contest. It doesn't have the tone shaping options of the Zvex, but the basic distortion is just sweeter and more progressive. It'll go from a bluesy breakup to almost metal (with the Timmy and the bass pushed hard) and cleans up dramatically with the volume knob. At full chat (boost into pedal with the volume up on guitar and amp) it's loud enough that you have to raise your voice to be heard over it-again, it's happier with brighter, more efficient speakers. In this mode I was really happy with a "Mickey Mouse" set of Weber blues (12" and 10" pairs) running 4 ohms total. It takes the pedals well, preserving their character and not getting muddy or flubby when pushed hard. It'd make a killer recording amp for blues or rock, maybe replace the standard tweed champ!


So, now I need to find a VERY efficient, light speaker cab that I can fit in my suitcase for playing on the road! BTW, 1/2 watt pushed hard is MUCH louder than a guitar played acoustically. Hope that helps. I'd be happy to answer any questions...

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