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early 2006 board


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Hey Scott:

Boss PH1r.
Line 6 RotoMachine
or Mojo Vibe
maybe MI Blue Boy deluxe.

Longer term - Sherlock Vintage Reverb, Custom Shop strat.

Getting down to: (small board - maybe powered by Powerall instead of ADL Juicebox):-

Picture wah
Loooper a) Keeley BD2 b) keeley RAT
Semaphore Tremolo
Boss PS5 + EV5.
(insert phaser/roto)
Boss DD20

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Originally posted by jimmy199

Hey Fourth Floor, I see you're getting a Sherlock Vintage Reverb. Do you live in Melbourne? I'm hopefully going to get one early next year because he's too busy at the moment. Are you going to get a combo or head/cab format?



Yup, been a Melbournite since July. Moved with the band from perth.

Hell, Dale lives in the next suburb.


I was thinking combo but the head might be good to take on the road.

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i'm pretty sure i'll be replacing my guyatone vt-3 tremelo with a semaphore. i'm also unsure about which fuzz i want at the moment, i just got a green muff not too long ago, but im still unsure whether or not to keep it on the board.

also, i plan on extending the second tier of my board, right now it's only about halfway across, so to create some more room im going to extend it all the way over and keep power underneath

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Over the holidays I am completing the racking of my pedals and midi control. I am also doing mods to some cheap, but old standby units that I still like. Requirements for true bypass is a thing of the past for me as my midi controlled looper keeps offenders out of the signal path.

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planned for 2006:

Muff of some sort>
loooper microloooper>
CH-1 chorus (Maybe replace w/ a BYOC)>
rehoused Akia phaser>
BYOC phaser>
DD-5>(dry out to the tuner)
Voodoo Lab Tremelo>
back to loooper>
Catalinbread SPP>

there will be a footswitch on there too.

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i may dump the direct drive for a zendrive.

if i could fit my replex on the board the danecho would be bye bye too.

and i'd like to rehouse the arion chorus.

but other than trying some greenbacks/gh30s in my uberkab, and trying vic's new pickups at the plexi palace, i'm good on the small stuff.

a good clean amp one day(two rock/fuchs/fender) is the final big piece.
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