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GT-6 and GT-8


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Got a GT-6. It sits alone in my pile of unloved tioys.
Liked it at first. Only for heahphones. Sounded like wet ass through everything I used it on.
Got 1 good recording with it into a Pro Tools board. Then totaly lost interest in it as it really sounds bad to me.
Don't know why I keep it. It's heavy and takes up space and is useless to me.
I just hate dumping my crap equipment on the unsuspecting folk.
In it's defense it's very reliable and the display is one of the better ones in moddelers.
Quite expensive ( I paid $389.00) fot it a couple of years ago.
When I traded a bunch of stuff at guitar center on a Fender Deluxe Reverb Reissue, The manager didn't want anything to do with the GT-6 I had. He said they get enough of those to pave the parking lot.
It does make a reasonable MIDI controller for my Line-6 stuff though!!

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