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Do you have any links to DS-1 mods?


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If you want to do a cool mod to the DS-1 without spending much just sit back and listen to my finite knowledge....

I call it the Grit-Booster [i don't know if it is actually another pedal, if it is I am truly sorry]

To get the basic sound all you have to do is remove 3 basic parts.
From there you can also switch some caps for more bass, or use metal film caps for more "fidelity"

First remove D4 and D5
they are in the geografic middle of the board. They are where clipping occurs (see distortion) however not all of it. Some say to replace them with LED's but i say take 'em out, this thing distorts alot without them.

Next remove C12
this is along the top of the PCB in the middle, directly up from D4 and D5. This is where the secret is, because removing this bypasses the tone control, so when you put the tone knob all the way to the left, it is a clear un affected signal, and as you turn it to the right you begin to add highs to your sound.

You can also as I said before change caps to add bass if you want. I recommend C1 it is on the right hand side of the board in the middle.

Once these simple changes are done you get a great boost typ pedal with a bit of grit to it when the DIST is all the way to the left, or an overdrive/distortion as you move it clockwise. Also note, once these mods are done you have unity gain [pedal is the same volume level off as when on] at about 9 o'clock, so it can get reaaal loud if you want.

Trust me this is a pretty sweet little mod, and it is simple as hell, it also really takes away that "boss sound" that most of their pedals seem to have.

let me know if you try it.

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