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My workbench with some DIY pedals


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White spots are waterslide decals (they don't go clear until the clearcoat, which I haven't done yet.) I did the branding "Brown Sound in a Box 2" in a script font, and the rest in a very plain 'Century Gothic', all caps, with the led marked 'INDICATOR'.

(Figured if it was supposed to sound like one, it should look like one).


Top Middle: 4ms Phaseur Fleur

Note to DIY'ers: waterslide decals don't show up on textured black powdercoated finishes, ya have to letter by hand.

The box was plain black powdercoat. I tried to go for a 'galactic' theme.


Bottom right: 4ms Duo Distortor

This is where I learned that I'm not good at lettering.

Not a bad pedal, but I like the BSIAB a lot more.

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Lol. That's another Phaseur. Couldn't get it working... no phase, just a thump at the top and bottom of the wave. Finally got mad and diked off all the pots/jacks and built the black one in the pic. It did the same damn thing. Got really mad, and checked trace with the 2 stacked magnifying glasses on the right. Found the tiniest dot of a solder bridge in the same place on both boards. Scraped it out w/ exacto knife on the left, now both work.


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