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Ho! Ho! Ho! Echoczar on Santa's Sled !

Non-Digital Tom

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Originally posted by Non-Digital Tom

Check it out, beyotchas! Ed R. from Toneczar told me my order shipped yesterday and should arrive by Saturday. Perfect timing, eh? Thanks Santa!

Here's my order:




:eek: you just brought me down. i thought i loved my dd20 today. but now.

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Two Echoczars into four amps, right.



Sounds good. ;)


Just need two more pedals, a good chair and you`re set for some serious delay truckin`;

right foot down for longer delay times while left foot does the opposite. Putting two and two pedals close together you can manage all four at once. The Angel Babies floating in celestial harmony above the four amps.




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Originally posted by losergeek

where do you get cables like that?

Ed made them for my order.



Originally posted by Narcosynthesis

that picture not missing two cables?

Good eye! Yes, it is missing two cables. Ed suggested I start with two cables to try them out, and then get back to him with the exact lengths I want for the other two.



Originally posted by Robzilla


are you selling the other?

Heh... no...

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