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New duel mix knob Echoczar


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Originally posted by (((echo)))

does that come standard on new ones?

i've completely lost track of when mine will be ready.. i'd ask him but i'm sure he gets hundreds of those emails a day

damn my {censored}e memory

yeah i got a reply from ed, he said its a knob where you can have different mix-levels on the delay between 1st and 2nd channel...

that doesnt really bother me though since i rarely switch between channels during songs or change mixlevel anyways.

it will be standard on all new ones.

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Originally posted by basscracker

someone told me hes not offering this as a mod for the older ones.




nope...its not a big upgrade or anything. i wont need it.


thanks to that since shipping the heavy monster across the atlantic again is not funny.

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