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VH1 top 30 metal songs of all time monday, may 1st

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dunno if this has been posted yet





As rock music's badass brother, Heavy Metal has terrified parents, disgusted critics and inspired overt acts of unnecessary censorship since its very inception. But this bass-heavy, balls-out genre has another less detrimental effect on society at large: its inspired generations of disaffected metalheads with some amazing music. From Black Sabbath to Guns N' Roses, AC/DC to Tool, Metal boasts a long list of talented musicians who've banged out some of the most memorable songs in history. And VH1's got 'em all in the two-hour countdown 40 Greatest Metal Songs.


Whether epic, political, scary or downright silly, these tunes have one thing in common: they will rock your friggin' socks off. Who could resist jumping into the pit during Pantera's "Walk", banging your head `til it hurts to Metallica's "Master of Puppets", or throwing up the devil horns to Iron Maiden's "Number of the Beast". VH1's 40 Greatest Metal Songs will bring you these, plus 37 more of the very best anthems to trash a hotel room to.


Additionally, VH1's vaunted panel of rock scholars and metal all-stars like Lars Ulrich, Scott Ian, Jerry Cantrell and Ronnie James Dio will weigh in on this, the definitive list of the greatest Metal music the world has ever known.


So break out your Slayer T-shirt and jack those speakers up to 11, as VH1 presents the 40 Greatest Metal Songs.

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