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tried a bunch of vintage pedals yesterday..mini review

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i had the cash in my pocket, but i just couldnt find anything i wanted.


tokai metaldriver. has the jrc chips and a pre drive eq, just like the pearl od. well, it was good, but I actually prefer the sound of the hm2 more! it seems to have more character (mids?) and more gain. $50. passed


vintage arion fat chorus. $120. Not the sch1 at all, less pitch shifty not very intersting, not really fat either. the sch1 is much more fluid sounding, IMO


vintage arion flanger. price?. its an analog flanger. just like the arion phaser. excellent tones if you like flangers. very vocal, more than boss. arion modulation effects are great, but Im not into these sounds, but definitely recommend. alot of range and good sounds!


ad-9. $230. Not bad. so this is the deal, huh? A little more rough than the dm2, a bit more unruly too. Diff than the boss but a nice sounding delay. passed on it. I have too many delays as is!


saw my zvex guitar. going to get it in June! It wont be all original. Got to change the selector! Its crapola!


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